We write the year 2017, and this day January 9. We are 11 days away from the inauguration of the new president, 187 days since the Eastern Puma was declared extinct, and 284 days since a water protector camp was founded at Standing Rock. Today, the Great Lake is surrounded by snow, a bison is crossing an icy road, and the light is dimming slowly in the early afternoon.

These details may appear unnecessary, but it just so happens that time and place are of some importance in placing this collection of writings. Of course, this is a growing collection and so its breadth and themes must shift and morph, and however we describe it now may not hold true for future iterations. But what we can adequately describe now are its origins: the birth of Brine Waves so to speak.

We are a collection of organisers and activists in the Salt Lake area who have written our fair share of manifestos, op-eds, and press releases. We are well acquainted with the art of polemics, and the hard cut, crystal-sharp lines of thought such creation accompanies. After all, there are some lines in the sand.

But equally true may be that those lines remain hidden, or show themselves only temporarily and in sometimes frightening ways. Much longer hours are spent reckoning, wrestling, wondering about the work we do in the world we live in. This is a space for thinking deep, for feeling, and for asking how to live in these times, which after all, are our times. Writings here come from the ground that inspire them, and from the gut of the writer. They are not intended as abstract theory or opinion pieces crafted to convince. Rather, they are written with sticky fingers and misfiring neurons, recreating the mess of observed living.