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The Insurrection of Cargo

By Kate Savage


Rebecca Hall reads old insurance documents. It’s her way of solving a cold case, follow a paper trail to the unspeakable past. The ‘objects’ insured are slaves and slave ships. When you rip thousands and thousands of people from their home and stack their bodies in boats like cargo, this is the mark left on the record books: an unforeseen incident precluded the proper delivery of cargo. Though we followed best practices, commodities were destroyed.

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On My Dead Cat, and The Beginning of Resistance


By Meili Stokes


When I was eleven I wanted to own something wild. On a humming desktop computer, I discovered the Bengal cat, and set into motion the long torture of my mother. I grew obsessed. These cats were wilderness descendants, sun freckled. In online pictures, they swam. Their owners slipped them into harnesses and walked them on a leash.  They scaled buildings with the elegance of a full-sized jungle cat. A new breed,  collectors found wild Leopard Cats in South East Asia, plucked them from their vanishing habitats, and bred them with house cats until they became slender, half-domesticated hybrids. In other words, Bengals were a Magical Animal Companion like those I read about it books.

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All I Remember of Resistance

By Easton Smith


What can you tell me about Resistance?

What can I say about Resistance? We had some good times together. We were young and in love. The world was sharp and fast back then, but we found refuge in our alleyways, our escape routes. But why would you bring her up now? That was all a long time ago, it doesn’t really matter anymore.

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