Brine Waves


Self-portraits of the Trumped

November 9th

By Kate Savage


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Dear Sister

By Brooke Larsen


Dear Sister,

I’ve been walking in a haze. In the initial hours I went from disbelief and shock to fear, sorrow, and rage. When my friend woke me up with the news, I couldn’t believe it until I opened my computer and found a map drenched in red.

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Dear Filmmaker of the Future


November 27, 2016

Dear Filmmaker of the future,

How to start writing about the election? There are too many things to explain at once, and not for the first time do I wish writing had evolved already to something that can have many beginnings, ends, and parallels of time to match the pathways of my mind that wants to flood yours, with only these ill-matched letters as keys. Too many things to explain all at once, and so I sit here observing a kernel of sand in the palm of my hand and wondering how to transmit this image to you, completely, on November 27, 2016, on day 20 of not reading the newspaper.  Continue reading “Dear Filmmaker of the Future”

The Return of History

By Easton Smith


I was born in 1989, the same year that Francis Fukuyama published his essay, “the End of History?” The Berlin Wall fell, collapsing history (such a delicate thing, after all) underneath it. It was final: liberal democracy and global capitalism were the inevitable tide to raise all boats. My whole life was to be post-historical.

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